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Medical Leave Policy


Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd provides paid medical leave benefits to all eligible employees for periods of temporary absence due to illnesses or injuries. Eligible employee classification(s):

·         Regular full-time employees 

Employers must give workers leave without deduction from wages for medical treatment when workers cannot work due to illness. Workers who present a medical certificate may take paid medical leave up to 30 days per year after working for at least six months. Workers who have worked less than six months may take unpaid medical leave.

Employees who are unable to report to work due to illness or injury should notify their direct supervisor before the scheduled start of their workday if possible. The direct supervisor must also be contacted on each additional day of absence. If an employee is absent for three or more consecutive days due to illness or injury, a physician's statement may need to be provided verifying the disability and its beginning and expected ending dates. Such verification may be requested for other medical/sick leave absences as well and may be required as a condition to receiving medical leave benefits.

Medical leave benefits will be calculated based on the employee's base pay rate at the time of absence and will not include any special forms of compensation, such as incentives, commissions, bonuses, or shift differentials. As an additional condition of eligibility for medical leave benefits, an employee on an extended absence must apply for any other available compensation and benefits, such as BASIC EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE. Medical leave benefits will be used to supplement any payments that an employee is eligible to receive from provincial disability insurance, workers' compensation or Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd-provided disability insurance programs. The combination of any such disability payments and medical leave benefits cannot exceed the employee's normal weekly earnings.

Medical leave benefits are intended solely to provide income protection in the event of illness or injury and may not be used for any other absence. Unused medical leave benefits will be paid to the active employees at the end of the calendar year.  Employees who quit or that are terminated are not entitled to be paid any unused medical leave days upon termination of employment.


Medical, Dental, and Optical Appointments

Routine medical, dental, and optical appointments should be scheduled outside working hours.  When this is not practical, occasional absences for such reasons are to be charged to sick leave.  Employees may use vacation time instead of sick leave with the special approval of the management.


Exhaustion of Accumulated Medical Leave

Employees who are still incapacitated after exhausting all accumulated medical leave and vacation time and are not enrolled in the long-term disability plan should, at their request, be placed on medical leave without pay.  

The employee’s position should be held open for the employee’s return to work unless a long-term disability claim is approved.  Employees enrolled in the long-term disability program should become eligible for disability benefits after 90 calendar days.  If an employee has been employed for less than one year and thus not eligible for long-term disability coverage, and the medically-related disability appears to be long term, the employee may be granted a medical leave of absence without pay or the employment may be terminated.