Use of Company Property


To provide guidance on the appropriate use of company property and information on how the company can monitor usage of company property.


Employees are prohibited from unauthorized possession or use of property, proprietary information or supplies belonging to the Company, including Voice Mail and Electronic Mail. (See the Company Ethics and Conduct Rules and the Internet and E-mail Usage policy)

All company-furnished equipment, furniture, lockers, cabinets, desks, computers, telephones, cellular phones voice mail systems, e-mail, and all other like items and systems are considered company property and furnished to employees for business purposes.

Use of the computer, copier and FAX is restricted to business use only. Short personal telephone calls and email messages are permitted on an occasional basis. Excessive personal usage of telephones or email is potentially disruptive, distracting, and can slow down the overall response time of the network. Excessive usage may result in disciplinary action. Note that an electronic trail is left from all e-mail transmissions, even after the message is deleted, and that E-mail archives can be searched rather simply via specialized search engines.

Employees are not permitted to install or run personal programs, documents, files, copied software that violates licensing regulations, etc. on their computer without the express permission of company management.

All company property is subject to inspection, monitoring, and searching by the Company, with or without notice to the employee, at any time. Therefore, employees are advised to keep items out of the work place if they are private, personal, and not business-related.

Human Resources Responsibilities

Human Resources has the responsibility to interpret this policy and to authorize searches of company property.

Employee Responsibilities

Employees have the responsibility to cooperate with searches of the company property in their possession. Refusal to allow authorized searches will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.