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Employee Checklist - 2019

 After confirmation of the employment, each of following procedures should be undertaken cautiously.

1)      Sign and endorse Employment Contract, Employee Handbook & other related agreements

2)      Familiarize company policies & procedures within 1 week of employment.

3)      Study and examine your related job scope and etc. (Duration 3 days)

4)      Readjust and revise your Job Description pursuant to your actual work (Duration 1 day)

5)      if you are employed as a manager and there are vacant positions under your department, you should prepare necessary processes to hire and employ personnel. (Duration 2 day)

6)      Issue Stamp in accordance with your department

7)      Open KBZ Bank Account for payroll

8)      Create Work Flow and Organization Chart if required (Duration 2 days)

9)      Initiate your works and organize the flow effectively. More importantly, compose operation reports in timely manner. Note, you will be tolerated for inaccuracies regarding operation report for a month after the employment

Supporting Tools

1)      Company issued Office 365 email account Refer to relevant company Email Policy) /T-Sheet Account/Zoho Account

2)      Install Attendance Tracking Software into your personal cellphone. (Refer to Attendance Tracking Policy)

3)      Cellphone & SIM card (Refer to relevant Mobile Phone Policy)

4)      Mobile Bill Expenses – (Term & Condition Applied)

5)      Desktop Computer (Normal Employee) (Refer to Acceptable Usage Policy)

6)      Laptop Computer (Managers) (Refer to acceptable usage policy)

7)      Uniform (For those required uniform – refer to uniform policy)

8)      Mobile GPS/Desktop Tracking (For those required GPS tracking – refer to GPS Tracking Policy

9)      Taxi Services (Refer to Travel & Expense Policy)

10)   Vehicle (if you are given access to company vehicle - refer to Vehicle Usage Policy)

11)   Stationaries

Company Daily Operation Tools

1)     Office 365 Email

2)      Yammer

3)      SharePoint/OneDrive (Note, you are required to upload your work files onto OneDrive by Synchronization. If not, you are in danger of losing work files.)

4)      Planner

5)      Skype/Skype for Business

6)      Recording

7) T-Sheet Time Keeping App

8) Zoho & Related Apps



If you are manager, you are required to comply with Budget Policies and appeal for your department budget accordingly. In addition, you are required to open current account in KBZ bank.

1)      Admin Budget

2)      Traveling Expense /Budget

The above list will be revised periodically as needed.


(Last Updated 11-01-2019)