You are somebody who needs to grow personally and professionally. For you, building up your own particular thoughts runs as an inseparable unit with being a piece of an extraordinary group. You respect a situation where you can go up against obligations and where individuals are focused on accomplishing their objectives. You are liberal and appreciate interfacing with partners from a wide scope of business territories.

We offer opportunities where you can develop your expertise and shape forms and creative solutions. We are constantly developing our nation network and our product portfolio, which makes profession opportunities in various fields of work nationwide. We are dedicated to conveying fantastic solutions for our clients and are pleased to be a solid pioneer in the automotive, steel and logistics businesses.



Latest Vacancies Updated (10/10/2018) - currently open

1. Logistics Operation Manager (1) Post

2. Admin Manager (1) Post

3. Recruitment Executive (1) Post

4. Admin Executive (1) Post

5. Sales Manager (Auto Parts) (1) Posts

6. Sales Executive (Vehicle) (1) Posts

7. Purchase Executive (3) Posts

8. Marketing Manager (Auto Parts) (1) Posts

9. အေရာင္းဆိုင္ မန္ေနဂ်ာ (Auto Parts) (Mandalay) (2) Posts
၈၁လမ္း ၊၃၀ လမ္းႏွင့္ ၃၁ လမ္းၾကား၊ ခ်မ္းေအးသာဇံ ျမိဳ႕နယ္ ႏွင့္ ေယာမင္းၾကီးလမ္း ျပည္တံခြန္ျမိဳ႕နယ္၊ မႏၱေလးစက္မႈဇံု၊ တို႔တြင္တာ၀န္ထမ္းေဆာင္ရမည္။

10. Sales Executive (Auto Parts) (15) Posts

ေတာင္ႀကီးၿမိဳ႕ (2) Post ၊ ေတာင္ငူၿမိဳ (2) Post ၊ မေကြးၿမိဳ႕ (2) Post ၊ ဘားအံၿမိဳ႕ (2) Post ၊ ေမာ္လၿမိဳင္ၿမိဳ (2) Post ၊ ျပည္ၿမိဳ႕ (2) Post ၊ မႏၱေလးၿမိဳ႕ ေယာမင္းၾကီးလမ္း၊ စက္မႈဇံု (2) Post ၊ မႏၱေလးျမိဳ႔ 81 Street (2) Post ၊ ရန္ကုန္ ဘုရင့္ေနာင္ေစ်း (2) Post တို႔တြင္ တာ၀န္ထမ္္းေဆာင္ရမည္။

11. Sales Representative (Auto Parts) (20) Posts

ေတာင္ႀကီးၿမိဳ႕ (2) Post ၊ ေတာင္ငူၿမိဳ (2) Post ၊ မေကြးၿမိဳ႕ (2) Posts ၊ ဘားအံၿမိဳ႕ (2) Post ၊ ေမာ္လၿမိဳင္ၿမိဳ (2) Post ၊ ျပည္ၿမိဳ႕ (2) Post ၊ မႏၱေလးၿမိဳ႕ ေယာမင္းၾကီးလမ္း၊ စက္မႈဇံု (2) Post ၊ မႏၱေလးျမိဳ႔ 81 Street (2) Post ၊ ရန္ကုန္ရံုးခ်ဴပ္ ႏွင့္ ဘုရင့္ေနာင္ေစ်း (5) Post တို႔တြင္ တာ၀န္ထမ္္းေဆာင္ရမည္။

12. Marketing Executive (Auto Parts) (3) Posts

13 Customer Services Manager (1) Post 

14 Sales Manager (Steel) (1) Post

15 Sales Executive (Steel) (5) Posts
ေစာ္ဘြားၾကီးကုန္း (2) Posts ႏွင့္ မႏၱေလးျမိဳ႔ ၈၁လမ္း (2) Posts တို႔တြင္ တာ၀န္ထမ္းေဆာင္ရမည္။

16 Sales Representative (Steel) (4) Posts
ေစာ္ဘြားၾကီးကုန္း (2) Post ႏွင့္ မႏၱေလးျမိဳ႔ ၈၁လမ္း (2) Post တို႔တြင္ တာ၀န္ထမ္းေဆာင္ရမည္။

17 Products Manager (Auto Parts) (1) Post

18 Business Analyst (IT) (1) Post 

19 Debtor Collector (Cash Collector) (2) Posts

20 Graphic illustrator (1) Post

21 Purchasing Executive (3) Posts
More Details, kindly visit our website 

22 Web Developer(HTML/CSS) (1) Post

23 Warehouse Manager (1) Post

How to Apply?


Interested persons should submit their CV

With application letter with original hand writing.

Passport size color (2) photo (within three months taken).

copies of NRC Card.

Labour registration card. 

Graduation certificate.

Clearance certificate from respective ward & police Station,

Working experience and other relevant certificate together with supporting documents.

Expected salary

Contact us through phone number to No.(79/81), or visit us at No. #705~706 & 904, Central Tower, Corner of Anawrahta Road & 39th Street, Kyauktada Township, Yangon (or) please email a copy of your detailed resume in MS Words format to Please do specify application post. Alternatively, you can submit your application through our online employment application form. Click the "Apply Now" button.

Begin your career


Regardless of whether you're searching for a temporary job, a graduate chance, or for your next career advance as an accomplished professional, you'll locate an extensive variety of fascinating job opportunities for work in our workplaces all around the nation.

Consistently, we offer many positions for passage level and experienced experts.




Regardless of whether you are occupied with an operational part, in incorporated supply chain network forms or in utilitarian areas like HR, IT or some more – We offers different open doors nationwide to begin and develop your career.

Look at our present vacant positions and join our group.



At Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd, you will have the capacity to build up your career and work in differing groups with associates who are focused on conveying and accomplishing extraordinary outcomes.



The wide assortment of operational parts at Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd gives you the chance to be at the simple heart of our business and pick up hands on understanding. Picking up learning from our services across automotive, steel & logistics businesses will shape a decent reason for your further career.



At Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd you won't just locate the best workplace to build up your thoughts however you will likewise observe them understood. You will have the chance to take part in energizing activities, to additionally build up your specialized range of abilities and to work with key clients over the business.

Functional Areas


Working in one of our numerous functional areas IT, HR, Finance and some more - empowers you to truly comprehend business model and services we rendered to our clients. Our nationwide structure offers many career ways and improvement opportunities.



You will work in a domain where your entrepreneurial reasoning has a genuine effect.

Chipping away at cross-useful business ventures will broaden your network and you will have the chance to embrace global assignments and explore energizing career openings over our workplaces around the nation.

Working at Win thein & Sons Co., Ltd


Discover more about what makes it exceptional to work at Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd.


Our nationwide systems make open doors for individual and professional improvement. We are always learning and sharing information, and we encourage adaptability and versatility in our people.

Customer fulfillment is the most essential measurement of our prosperity. We empower our employees to give high quality and proficiency services for our clients, and to utilize innovative strategies and technologies.

Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd is effective in light of the fact that many of our employees are locked in and persuaded in what they do each day.


Cooperatively, we shape the substance of our businesses,

To us, innovation is the longing to create client situated solutions and to persistently enhance our procedures. With our professional employees, we offer productive solutions. We work cooperatively in a multicultural domain – on the grounds that we believe that various groups are an extraordinary source of inventiveness
— We Foster Innovation And Encourage Development
Collaboration is a key to success. Cooperation isn’t only a word, however something which we live and encounter each day in our work. We gain knowledge from each other and develop through our own career opportunities. Improvement occurs at work and through different training, and it is bolstered through the solid network over the nations.
— We Connect And Develop Our People
We meet our clients’ requests for superior service quality and proficiency with expertise and an uncompromising feeling of duty. We are glad for over decade-long periods of experience and of being a pioneer in the automotive, steel & logistics businesses. What’s more, we continually chip away at finding better approaches for getting things done for our clients – for instance with our ecommerce solution.
— We Convey Quality And Perfection
We motivate our employees to take proprietorship – for their own particular advancement, for procedures and arrangements, and eventually to deliver top-notch standards and magnificence to our clients. We sustain a culture of execution and acknowledgment. Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd is a place to grasp duty and boost the capability of every person.
— We Empower Entrepreneurship

Question & Answers


Discover the responses to inquiries around career path, beginning at Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd and considerably more.


I have a question about working at Win thein & sons Co., ltd



1.What is the company culture like at Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd?

Here at Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd, we trust that real, enduring achievement is conceivable just through valuing our employees the manner in which we esteem our clients.

Peruse through our career pages to get a few bits of knowledge into how it is to function at Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd.

2.Does Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd offer the chance to work abroad?

Currently no but we are endeavoring to expand our businesses oversea in the near future.

3.Is job sharing / part-time work possible?

Generally, Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd is open with regards to flex-time solutions and job-sharing options. In any case, this is subject of particular region and depends on the respective position. It would be ideal if you contact Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd HR division for more details.

4.How does the on-boarding process look like at Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd?

We will likely furnish you with a snappy and smooth transition into your new position. Our on-boarding process incorporates utilitarian components, meeting your new associates and introduction to workplace and feel comfortable around and also whom you can solicit in the event that you have any questions.

Your manager will arrange and brief you, so you become more acquainted with who you are going to work with other than your own group.

5.How long is the probation period?

Your probation period is subjected to your position. In addition, your qualification level and experience will also be considered.

6.What level of English language skills is required?

Your language and dialect ability rely upon the position you are applying for. Normally, great English aptitudes are really helpful and advantageous. However, if it expected that you are able to comprehend basic English terms that are used in day to day business operations. For instance, Email, Microsoft Offices and Business Tools.


I have a question concerning my application



1.How do I apply for the job?

You can apply for your desired job position by completing our employment application form or emailing your cv at It is uncomplicated,straightforward and smooth process to gather relevant information we need from you. You can access our employment application form here. Apply Now

2.I want to know what the current status of my application is. Whom can I ask?

Please contact our recruitment manager in the job advertisement. Alternately you can give us a call, our staff will be able to assist you. If you've submitted your application from the online employment application form. We will contact you through the provided email. Keep regular monitoring of your email.

3.How can I withdraw my application?

You can send us an email or give us a call regarding this matter.


I have a general question about the recruitment process



1.How does the general application process look like?

Once you submitted your application through our website or via an email, our recruitment team will pre-select suitable candidates for an initial brief phone interview. You will also receive a confirmation email.

Subsequent to our internal consultation, we will arrange personal interview with candidates that have met all our job requirements. Exceptions are possible and subject to region and position specific.

2.Can I send my application via e-mail or through company social media pages?

Normally, we allow candidates to send their application through email and online employment application form. However, we do not accept application from social media. Please conform to the instructions given in the job advertisement.

3.What will happen with my personal data provided in the application?

We consider data security important and very seriously. Your information is treated with the most utmost care and isn't sent to any outsiders.

Refer to our company’s privacy policy.

4.What documents do you need from me and in which format (are there any constraints)?

Generally, the following documents are mandatory but not limited to other documents which we may request if needed. Exception is possible but subject to the position you are applying for.

• Graduates: High School Certificate, Graduation/Bachelor Certificate. In certain cases, references from previous employers is required.

• Professionals, Graduation certificate, reports from former jobs & references from previous employers

Please refer the job advertisement for any further information about required documents.

5.Will I receive any confirmation after submitting my application?

Normally yes, but you can give us a call to check if we received your application.

6.How long do I have to wait after submitting my application?

The first round of the application procedure (assembling and arranging incoming applications) for the most part takes up to about a month. We attempt our best to react rapidly. Nevertheless, this depends a great deal on the quantity of application and the vacancy itself.

7.I am interested in several vacancies. Can I apply for more than one?

You are welcome to apply for all. In any case, it is imperative that you remember that the quantity of application ought to not be too high. Demonstrate to us that you have picked this vacancy for a specific reason, as you trust your profile meets the necessities. Excessively broad, non-focused on applications don't make a decent impression.

8.Are the vacancies on Win Thein & Sons Co., Ltd up to date?

Normally yes. All our open vacancies are published on our Careers page and refreshed a few times each week. Once a position has been filled, it is either updated as “Position Filled” or the job advertisement is removed from the page and it is no longer conceivable to submit applications.


Tips for your application 



1.What must I bear in mind when submitting an application?

Only submit complete applications. We regret to inform that incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please indicate the area and department in which you are going to work.

Kindly don’t send a short application containing a connection to a site only, as for instance “My documents and profile can be found at…”

Nevertheless, we highly recommend to use our online employment application form, which is developed tailored to all the necessary requirements in application form.

2.What makes a good and convincing application?

Each application ought to be one of a distinctive and individual. The application is the underlying contact point amongst you and us. Consequently, it ought to be done in a way that gives us a smart thought about you and your capabilities and interests. For a decent application you should remember the accompanying three things:

  • Complete - Your application ought to incorporate an inspiration letter, a resume and other vital letters of recommendation. Your inspiration letter should disclose to us more about you and your encounters/capabilities. As we need to get a thought regarding you as an applicant.This requires something beyond formal capabilities. Tell us why you think you are a solid match to our company and to the job.

  • Well-structured – Ensure that your introductory letter contains all the essential data, for example, the position you are applying for, the reasons why you are keen on the job, your desires, your capabilities and inspiration to effectively fill the vacant position.

  • Orderly- Check deliberately for any mistakes or grammatical mistakes and ensure to send only updated document.

3.How can I prepare for a phone/skype/personal interview?

Once you are invited to personal interview you have officially made a first imperative step in the application procedure. The duration of an interview is somewhere in the range of 30mins and a hour. It is led by either a recruitment manager or an individual from the HR department.

Amid the interview we might want to become acquainted with you better as a person, see if you could fit to our organization culture and will have the capacity to satisfy the separate job prerequisites.

  • For an individual interview, arrive very much prepared and on time.

  • You must review and peruse your job description on our career page respective to the position you are applying for.

  • For a telephone interview, secure for a quiet atmosphere with no interferences and situated at a place with good cellphone signal

  • Be ready to show your CV and answer coordinating questions of the interviewers. Check your CV and, if appropriate, any gaps in your CV.

  • Be ready to disclose to us examples of how you effectively connected your abilities by utilizing solid experiences.

  • Attempt to answer the inquiries in a direct length: not very concise and not very short.

  • Endeavor to talk in a quiet and clear way.

  • Remain genuine and legit.

  • Set out to bring up any open issues toward the finish of the interview (it helps a rundown of your potential inquiries ahead of time). This leaves a positive impression, as an indication of intrigue.