Appeal For Business Trip Approval 


Managing Director,

Shwe Yin Mar Co., Ltd.

Central Tower,




Date: 08-12-2016

Ref: xxxxxx

OBJECT:  Requisition for Business Trip Approval


I would like to entreat for approval of the upcoming business trip to (location) from period (date) to (date). The intention of this business trip to (location) is for (purpose). Moreover, the brief description of the trip is elucidated as below,


I hereby assure and pledge that I will keep records every expense incurred during the trip and log daily reports of the accomplishment. Moreover, I undertake full liability of my assurance or affirmation that the purpose of this trip is solely for (sales & marketing). I give my sincere consent to company to prosecute or indict me if the purpose trip is irrelevant to what was previously proposed.