Your timely attendance at work is crucial to making the business run smoothly. We must meet production requirements to satisfy our customer's demands. You need to do your part in achieving this goal, and one way is to maintain a good attendance record. Any absence or tardiness becomes a part of your employment record.

Punctuality requirements

Employees are expected to be at their work stations on time. Tardiness is defined as being at your work station at least 10 minutes past your scheduled starting time. You should also notify the appropriate person when you know you may be late for work. Being on time makes it easier for all of us because tardiness hinders teamwork among employees. Being tardy for work or leaving the job station before quitting time will be considered cause for corrective action.

Counting absences

Here are the rules for how absences will be counted:

  • An unscheduled absence for at least one-half the workday will be counted as one occurrence.

  • An absence for one or more consecutive workdays will be considered one occurrence. For example, if you’re out two consecutive days, that will count as one occurrence.

  • If an employee returns from an absence (due to an illness) and goes out again due to the same illness after being at work for no more than one day, then the absence will be counted as one occurrence.

Repeated occurrences will result in verbal counseling, written counseling, and/or suspension or termination of employment.


In the event that you are unable to come to work, be sure to call in and let the appropriate person know, in advance where possible, but no later than your regular starting time, so that arrangements for other help can be made. Vacation days must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance except in cases of emergency.

Employees may be granted excused absences for sickness/illness when the appropriate person is notified prior to the start of work. Pre-scheduled medical/professional appointments (lawyers, clergy, counselors, etc.) or other compelling reasons, with prior supervisory approval, may also be considered as excused absences. Absence of three or more consecutive scheduled working days without notifying the appropriate person will be considered as a voluntary termination, and you will be removed from payroll.

Authorized absence documentation

We may require documentation of authorized reasons for absence, such as medical leave or jury duty, and may also verify the documentation where appropriate.

Inclement weather

The facility/office must continue to operate during periods of bad weather. Thus, the need for employees to be on the job during such emergencies is of paramount importance. You are expected to make every effort to report for work. If you do not report for work when scheduled during a weather emergency, you will be considered absent.